Why Do Humans Need To Feel Loved

Humans don’t like loneliness. Love assures us that we aren’t alone. In the large aspect, love virtually runs everything around us. But why do we need to be loved? In some cases, we can’t really explain why we got to demand the appreciation and attention of others.

Here is why you could easily sign up with a local dating site just to get loved:

1. Feeling loved makes us happy, and that’s good for both our mental and physical health

People who were neglected at an early age or failed to receive proper parental care and love tend to grow into antisocial adults. Abandonment does worse to the mind too; lonely individuals tend to develop narcissism and sociopathic disorders.


The problem is that it is harder to treat narcissistic behaviors and sociopathic disorders once they become apparent. A little bit of love in the first place can reduce the likelihood of an individual turning cranky and becoming a bother to everyone else.

2. Feeling loved is essential in the self-actualization of an individual

Self-actualization is the fulfillment or realization of one’s potentialities and talents, especially considered as an ever-present need or drive that is in everyone.

The environment surrounding a person can encourage or discourage self-actualization and that has more to do with the love received by a person.

Hence, love appears third (psychological tranquility and safety) on Abraham Maslow’s pyramid to self-actualization. The pyramid identifies four basic needs for self-actualization: psychological health, safety, love/feel of belonging, and self-esteem.

3. People begin appreciating themselves when they feel loved

Man standing on the rock

There is a “self-love” fallacy. It is falsely believed that individuals can love and appreciate themselves from inside even if they are facing rejection from their surroundings. Just like other primates, humans are highly social beings and are hard-wired to always evaluate themselves based on what the environment presents.

For instance, there is no way an individual will perceive themselves attractive when virtually everyone in their environment says otherwise. Feeling loved makes us appreciate everything about ourselves including our abilities and appearances. Feeling unloved does the opposite.