Top 6 Photoshop Actions For Photographers & Designers

Photoshop has grown to be one of the most powerful ways of graphics editing. With photoshop, you can save lots of your precious time and turn a picture into something different and unique, with a single click of a button. It’s an excellent way to speed up your workflow by applying a particular effect or performing certain steps during the editing process.

The best thing about photoshop is that you’re not limited to a single action; there are thousands of actions from which you can choose depending on your desired effect.

Let’s look at the top 6 photoshop actions for photographers and designers.

Retro Style 3D


Creating a retro design can take you days if not weeks. Especially if you’re a designer who is just starting out, coming up with a retro design for your client all by yourself isn’t an easy task. Luckily, there are several photoshop actions that can simplify your work by mimicking a retro design.

For instance, with the Retro Style 3D, you can transform a design to retro and make it as authentic as possible. Also, it comes with over 30 actions, lots of layer styles, and backgrounds to choose.

Visions Pack

This photoshop action by the Forefathers Group is another excellent one for designers and photographers. It consists of several custom-built actions to introduce a new way of portraying your pictures. It’s a combination of digital art and creativity put into actions.

Long Shadow

If you’re working on a flat design project, then you need some great-looking shadows to accompany it. The Long Shadow photoshop action by Aram provides an excellent way of adding shadows to your designs. With over 70,000 people using it right now, you can be assured that it produces fantastic results.

Color Pop

Adobe Photo Shop

Do you want to bring your dull photos into life? Or, are you looking just to add a pop of color? The Color Pop photoshop by Shutter Pulse is one excellent way to make your photos more vibrant. With this action, you can improve your photos’ color scheme to outline different prominent colors. Please look at this site to get more information.

Matte Photoshop Action

While matte is considered as dull, photographers and designers have learned how to take advantage of it in their works.

Matte photoshop actions add a gloomy effect, and this is especially important to highlight features such as the face. To know how well you can take advantage of this photoshop action, experiment with different pictures.

Intense Warm Light Photoshop Action

This action by Exposure Empire is another one if you can use if you’re a professional photographer or designer. Intense Warm Light amplifies a photo and gives it a warm lighting effect, which is crucial in bringing out more character and depth.

This not a comprehensive list of all photoshop actions; there are others such as the Golden Hour, Old and Dirty, Black and White, Old Film, Vintage, Faded, Corrupted, Sunlight, Pixelator, and many others. Choose one depending on your desired effects.