Top 5 African Hiking Adventures to Try in Your Lifetime

When planning for hiking adventures, most people tend to forget about Africa destinations. Africa is the second largest continent with a total of 54 countries. No wonder it has some of the most incredible sceneries. From sandy beaches to alpine moraines, expansive deserts to lush rain in the forest, Africa has it all. If you have ever thought of traveling the world to explore nature and hike, the highlighted 5 places to adventure in Africa are for you.

As a traveler, expect to see some vibrant local culture, stunning scenery, and some unforgettable experience if you choose these African destinations.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

If you are planning for a hike in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro should be in your bucket list. The ground peak of the mountain is one of the world’s Seven Summits. Also, it is the highest mountain rising 19000 feet in elevation. Although reaching the summit is no mean task, Kilimanjaro is one of the few mountains with multiple trekking routes. Moreover, it doesn’t require technical climbing skills.


Mt. Kilimanjaro is a good place for adventure. The trek up will take you through dense forest, alpine terrain, and open savanna-and there is no shortage of incredible site views. Additionally, you can be sure to see a variety of Tanzanian wildlife like the mongoose, dik-dik, sunbirds and occasionally zebras and elephant.

2. Maasai Mara in Kenya

Located at the southeast of Mt Kilimanjaro, this is a home to the Maasai people. The expanse of the savanna grassland connects to the Serengeti National park in Tanzania.

It is home to some of the world’s incredible ecosystems. While visiting this area, you should expect nothing apart from an incredible adventure with an encounter with zebra, wildebeest, and the Big Five. Moreover, it has ample opportunities for guided adventure trips. click to read more about this great area.

3. Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

Danakil is in a world of its own. It’s located at the border of Eritrea and northeast Ethiopia. The area is situated at a junction of 3 tectonic plates. Its complicated geology makes it one of the most unique and bizarre places in the world. From geysers to lava flows and multicolored salt deposits, Danakil is remarkably a spectacular sight.

4. Blyde River in South Africa

The lush valley in South Africa is the third largest canyon in the world. The place is marked with a blue and clear river that is cutting through a sheer stone; while dropping at the height of 800 meters.


If you are geologist, you will have no shortage of excitement in this area; from the dolomites spires to Bourke’s luck potholes commonly referred to us the three sisters. Even more, the extreme climate around the allows for a diverse ecosystem of animal and plant life, and as a hiker, you will not be short of view from the crocodiles, hippos, otters, and rare bird species.

5. Mahale Mountains

From the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika lies Mahale Mountain Park. The resonates will with its residents; the over 900 chimpanzees. The whooping treetop and the deeper voices and the crashing of branches are some of the best things you will witness in this area.