Take A Closer Look At Acer’s Predator Thronos, The God Of Gaming Chairs

Looking for a thrilling gaming experience? Try the Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display. This display is designed and manufactured for style and ultimate gaming performance. It also doubles up as the first curved monitor in the world to feature the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

This technology eliminates screen-tearing and subsequently confers on you the epic gaming experience. Other than this technology, the screen also possesses a variety of elegant features and specifications. Among these are the 21:9 aspect ratio as well as the 34-inch curved screen. This construction immerses you into the game and in so doing makes you feel a part of the real actions.

ZeroFrame design

Its curved immersion also sees to it that no blind spots exist at all. This stems from the fact that it places each portion of the screen at an equal distance from your eyes. This also gives rise to uniform viewing experience which is almost unachievable with the flat screen.

It also possesses ZeroFrame design. This design also contributes towards your maximum viewing experience. It does so by supporting the seamless multi-monitor setups perfectly well. This not only minimizes space requirements but also eliminates distortions and inconsistencies that may often be brought about by alternative technologies.

On the whole, the monitor exudes smooth gaming actions. Courtesy of the NVIDIA G-SYNC, it coordinates the refresh rates of the monitor alongside your powerful Graphics Processing Unit to eliminate screen tearing. This coordination also minimizes the display stutter as well as the input lag. This makes the scenes to appear instantly. The objects also look sharper while the gameplay is also super smooth.

Acer's Predator Thronos, The God Of Gaming Chairs

You also have the option to determine the frequency of the signals. Its factory setting places the frequency at 60Hz. However, you may also adjust this setting to around 100 Hz. This grants you the benefit of smoother gameplay without the possible dangers of motion blur.

No gaming experience is complete and fulfilling without the sounds of crunching glasses, huge explosions, and whizzing bullets. The manufacturer of this screen understands this fact only too well. This is why they have equipped it with two built-in 7W DTS Sound speakers. These jointly bring the world-class sounds to your movies and games.

seamless multi-monitor setups

It is not uncommon for you to alter your seating angle while enjoying your games. Such an alteration definitely has a bearing on your perception of the images. This screen takes into account that fact as well. That is why it comes along with dynamic angles. With this feature, you may basically accrue the same degree of satisfaction regardless of the angle you look at the screen from. Lastly, the screen also minimizes clutter in your room. It comes along with a solid stand that has a futuristic aluminum base.

This also has a unique cable management hole in which you may slot your cables when not in use. You will thus find it quite convenient to engage and leverage as you enjoy your awesome games and movies.