Popular Memory Walk Events In 2018

Memory-related ailments are no new thing. Memory loss is usually a significant loss to those inflicted by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Losing memory is almost similar to losing your entire life; which is why it is so important to give any support to those affected and their families. There is no better way to show support than to stand with the affected in a way as simple as participating in various memory runs.

In 2018 a number of walk/jogs have been organized across the globe to show support and raise awareness for those affected by memory loss around the world.

The popularity of these diary dash events cannot be compared; this is because each event is a charitable event regardless of the number of people it reaches out to. However, we may look at the most popular event since they are more successful in creating the much-needed awareness on a much larger scale.

Step forward give hope Alzheimer walk

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin hosts some of the most popular memory walks across seven counties in the United States. Their main concern is to raise awareness on issues surrounding memory loss patients.

Many times people who suffer from memory loss suffer even more from stigma. That is why it is essential to ensure that everyone knows how to help people with these memory-related ailments.


Apart from raising awareness, the walk is meant to raise funds in support for the affected. This support comes in forms of essential programs and beneficial services to help them lead decent lives. Any effort is necessary for giving hope to the afflicted, and that hope makes a whole lot of difference.

Research shows that approximately 110,000 families in Wisconsin alone have been affected by Alzheimer and dementia. This is a large number which is why this Wisconsin based Alzheimer walk has become one of the most popular across the states.


The Walk4ALZ walk is organized in the Orange County of California by the Alzheimer’s Orange County organization. In 2018 the Walk4ALZ took place on November 10th was attended by quite a good number. In the heart of the walk, the main issue was raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.


Apart from organizing walks, the Alzheimer’s Orange County also has education programs and galas that aim at sensitization. This contact with people could be the reason why the Walk4ALZ Alzheimer’s walk is so popular. With so many programs geared towards helping those affected by memory loss, they are bound to reach out to more people and create even more awareness.


Contrary to some peoples believes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia are not aging processes; they fatal diseases that rob off the affected their most precious things, memories. Every little effort towards supporting the affected people goes a long way. Financial support is essential but even more imperative is moral support.

This support shows the affected and their families that they are not alone and that we all care. Volunteering for these memory walks may seem like a little thing to do, but every little thought goes a long way in support for the affected families.