What is your harassment policy?

Anomaly Con is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender presentation, pronoun choice, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, age, or affiliation. We do not tolerate harassment of convention participants in any form. Convention participants violating these rules may be expelled or permanently banned without refund at the discretion of show management.

Harassment is considered any behavior—sexual or otherwise—that annoys, alarms, or threatens another person or group. This includes unwanted physical contact, following someone around ANY area without their consent, or threatening to physically attack someone. If you approach someone and they tell you “no” or to leave them alone, you must do so and have no further contact. Taking pictures without a person’s consent, attempting to look up or down anyone’s clothing, unwanted flirting or advances, catcalling, sexually demonstrative behavior on panels, and all other similar behaviors are considered harassment. Harassment can also constitute any bigoted behavior related to race, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, cultural identity, geek affiliation/expertise or level of expertise in costuming.

This policy is in addition to the fact that AnomalyCon will not in ANY way condone or tolerate any illegal behavior including assault, sexual misconduct, solicitation of a minor, rape, etc and will prosecute offenders to the furthest extent of the law. AnomalyCon reserves the right to add any definition of harassment based on circumstances.

Plagiarism is unethical. In the event that any guest or attendee accuses another guest or attendee of plagiarism in the context of AnomalyCon or other conventions, AnomalyCon will investigate and take action based on our findings.
We do not condone any social or socialogical war waged on this or any front, and will take action if guests or attendees choose to wage these wars against each other on our grounds. Professional rivalry is not to be confused with active animosity

If you are experiencing harassment or witness harassment occurring, report the offending participant to con staff immediately.

What is AnomalyCon’s Cosplay Respect Policy?

AnomalyCon as a convention operates at a “default PG-13” level. Our minimum coverage for individuals of all gender identities is the same as a bikini bottom for the lower half, and “no pointy bits” for the upper half. In other words, for both male and female identified individuals we expect nipples to be covered. If you are not this covered you will be asked to put on a shirt or tape and underwear. While we have this liberal pro-skin policy, we do expect you to remain as clothed as you are in public spaces. With the exception of overcoats and jacket-type garments, please do not remove any clothing you are already wearing in public spaces, and especially not in/during panel sessions.

Otherwise, have fun. With this dress policy in mind, remember that the convention is held the last weekend of March in Denver, and plan to bring warm clothes in case you need them.

We also expect attendees, volunteers and guests to costume with respect in regards to cultures outside of their own. While the British dominated and appropriated whatever they wanted during the Victorian era, AnomalyCon is a Steampunk, ALTERNATE History and Science Fiction convention. If you intend to incorporate elements from any non-British culture it is expected that you will be respectful of that cultural background. Avoid stereotypical depictions of that culture. If the culture you are considering portraying is historically marginalized, under no circumstance should you be cosplaying it “ironically.” If someone points out that you are portraying them in a way that is disrespectful, go change. We understand that lots of work goes into these costumes, so take their impact on others into consideration before you wear something you might be asked to change out of. Cosplaying as specific characters from media may bend this rule slightly if the character is represented accurately.

To report an incident:
At the convention you can approach any staff member with a red sash (our safety staff) or speak to the Operations desk. Before or after the convention, please email us with as many details as possible. Please note that we may not be able to address emails at the convention and reach out to us in person.

What is Your Accessibility Policy?

AnomalyCon is committed to providing a safe space for everyone to enjoy. With that in mind, we are implementing several steps for accessibility in 2016.
– Every panel room will have places for wheelchairs in both the front and back rows, with seats for caretakers.
– ONLY service animals will be allowed on Convention property. Please do NOT bring other dogs, cats, etc (note the Hyatt allows birds but most hotels do not). Anyone with non-service pets will be asked to take them home or put them in their hotel room (if the particular pet is allowed by Hotel policy). We refer to the ADA guidelines, and note that we allow non-dog service animals but cannot allow emotional support animals.
– AnomalyCon is implementing a “quiet room,” ironically located in Thunderpass in the Hyatt, where the lights will be lowered and noise is restricted. This space is for those who are overwhelmed or have sensory issues to take a break from the con for a few minutes. We will have security posted nearby to make sure no one is violating the harassment policy in this space.
– We are asking every panelist to use their microphones to make sure everyone can be heard.
– We are implementing optional pronoun stickers–pick yours up at the registration desk! These stickers say “My pronouns are:” and you can write in your preferred pronouns. Staff will all be wearing these as examples.
– We are implementing gender neutral bathrooms. The bathrooms on the second floor near main events/the vendor room will have signage accordingly.

What is your weapons/prop policy?

Real Weapons: No real weapons will be allowed at the convention, or on hotel property. No exceptions, not even with a Conceal Carry License. Leave your guns at home, any swords, knives, or any other weapons purchased in the Dealers Room will have to be immediately put in your hotel room or car.

Realistic Looking Weapons: No realistically colored weapons or ammo will be allowed.
No Weapon may shoot any projectile of any kind: airsoft, paintballs, nerf, etc. It must have all internal workings removed and MUST be tipped orange (and preferably capped solid). If your weapon has a round barrel, it MUST be tipped orange. Exceptions can be made for square or otherwise VERY obviously non-functional weapons. When in doubt, ORANGE TIP.

If you do not have an orange tip, your prop must be stored in your hotel room or car for the entire weekend.

AnomalyCon CANNOT provide anything orange. It is the sole responsibility of the prop holder to orange-tip their weapon.

No metal guns, knives, swords, or other weapons. No matter how they are painted, are allowed. A small amount of metal accenting, or metal colored accenting, is allowed – think less than 10% of the prop. No metal blades of any kind are allowed. This includes cane swords.

The Convention and Hotel staff must be able to ascertain that any weapon is clearly a prop, and completely non-functional as casual inspection at a distance of around 50 feet. Unrealistically shaped guns can be painted black or other realistic colors.

If your prop or weapon does not fit within these rules it must remain in your car or room for the entire weekend.

I run a website/blog/photography service. Can I get a press badge?

We require the following qualifications. If you think that your medium meets all of the standards, please contact us.

Note that AnomalyCon provides press badges with the intention of those press outlets providing coverage of and promotion for AnomalyCon. With that in mind, our expectation is that press passes are reserved for professionals whose convention reporting/writeup will be more detailed than just a rehash of our program/schedule. We reserve the right to decline press pass requests if previous work by the requester does not meet this expectation.

AnomalyCon does not issue press passes to publications that are not related in some way–general newspapers, for example, are acceptable if they typically cover local events. A cooking blog would not fall under the same category, nor would any special interest publication that does not normally cover events.

Political agenda publications/podcasts/radio stations will likely not be considered.

We DO NOT accept requests made between when pre-registration closes (usually Feb 28th) and June 1 of each year.


Traditional: News, Paper, Magazine
– The publication/organization was established before January 1, 2015 and updates quarterly, at the very least.

– Anyone can bring a camera to AnomalyCon and is welcome to photograph participants with permission. Only credentialed photographers with press passes are allowed to take photographs inside the Vendor and Art Gallery rooms. Photojournalists are expected to have an established history with a reputable publication in print or online. Independent photojournalists will be treated as their own entity and will be expected to have at least 12 months of history prior to AnomalyCon.

– If you are a freelance DJ/podcaster/writer/photographer, please include statistics of your average visits/listens.

News or Science Fiction Blogs/Zines
– The website was live prior to January 1, 2014. It must be updated at least weekly with objective and/or constructive news content.

– If you are filming for a documentary, submit any clips that you may have completed as well as a list of completed projects. Generally speaking, documentaries are rarely, if ever, approved.

In all cases you may be asked to provide information on your total visitor statistics, demographics, etc for any independent web presence. We will only entertain requests from non-anonymous organization email addresses as evidence of your affiliation with your press group. Further evidence of your past works including links to your profile, past articles, etc. is appreciated upon your first request. We reserve the right to request a letter of introduction on company letterhead, along with your business card before considering your request.

What is your refund policy for badges?

Because Anomaly Con is an annual event with specific, widely-publicized dates, we do not offer refunds for any reason save cancellation of the event on our part (not yours). We reserve the right to cancel events based on our discretion. Passes purchased in advance can be transferred to other parties, but only if the purchasing party notifies Anomaly Con before the close of preregistration.
If you’re unable to attend Anomaly Con but purchased a T-shirt in advance, you can arrange to pick it up at the following year’s convention. To do so, you must contact us immediately after Anomaly Con—within two (2) days—and again at least six (6) weeks prior to the following year’s convention to ensure correct processing. T-shirts not arranged to be picked up the following year are considered forfeit.
By registering online or at the door for Anomaly Con, you agree to follow the code of conduct guidelines for that event. If you are removed from the convention at any time for failing to follow codes of conduct or violating our weapons policy, your registration fee will not be refunded.
We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. We’ll update this page, and, if we do, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the updated policy when purchasing passes.