Tons of New Guests Announced!

Phase Two of our Guest Announcements is In Action!

We are PLEASED to announce (in no particular order):
Trae Dorn
SJ Chambers
Professor Elemental
BB Blackdog
Pandora Celtica
White Collar Sideshow
Carrie Vaughn
David Boop

AND as soon as I get follow up images from them, we have about 7 more authors to announce! Stay tuned!

Visit the guests page for more details on each guest!

Announcing Anomaly Con’s Discussion Forum!

Anomaly Con is very pleased to announce the opening of our discussion forums. You can use the forums to discuss ride sharing, costuming, photo shoot times, or anything else Anomaly Con or Steampunk. Don’t want another password to remember? On the registration page click one of the OpenID icons at the top and log in with your Google, Yahoo, or other OpenID provider. Just a reminder, our contact page is still the best place to get a hold of us if you would like to become a vendor, volunteer to help, or suggest a panel.

Looking for Panel Suggestions

Do you know what separates a good con from an AWESOME CON? Panels. We can have a con without people like you—yes YOU—hosting panels and sharing your interest in steampunk, history, or almost anything else with the rest of the our community. BUT! We can’t have an Anomaly Con. Instead of knowledge, maybe you have a skill to share. Perhaps you have an idea for something that you’d like to see at the con. Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear your panel suggestion. Send us word via our contact form.