Almost Time! Mystery and Mayhem!

Dear readers and soon-to-be-attendees!

We have both good and bad news to impart.

Alas, our dear highly anticipated Mme. Veronique Chevalier has fallen under unforseen circumstances, and must decline to join us this year. She sends her utmost regrets and hopes to join us next year--if the world doesn't end, of course.

As for the good news! We are of course investigating a deeper, even more sinister mystery than the Murder Most Foul that plagued AnomalyCon's denizens last year--be sure to grab your investigation sheet when you join us in the door!

If you're still in the air about coming, remember that a single day badge is only $15, the whole weekend is only $30, and the lightrail is just a hop, skip, and two heel-clicks away!