Most Popular Types of Video Games

There are literally thousands of different types of video games. The list goes on. But which ones are the most popular? Which do many people end up playing repeatedly, day in and day out? To answer that question, you need to look at a few of the top-selling games.

Stealth games

First off, there are stealth games. Stealth games require the player to be very subtle, having them perform many acts of deception, with them achieving their goal through clever guile and sheer stealth. Are you a stealth expert? Are you good enough at stealth to seamlessly slip from one side of a given virtual map to the next without being easily seen?

This is actually a sub-genre of stealth video games. However, unlike stealth games, first-person shooters have very real consequences for failing to remain unseen. While stealthy players can avoid detection by using alternative strategies, first-person shooters reward meticulous players who know how to blend in with the environment.

man playing video game

Social network games

Similar to social network games, there are several different types of video games available on the web. And if you want to escape your real-world constraints, there are browser games to play on your browser. Whether you prefer shooting or strategy games, puzzles, or simulations, there are games for everyone. Not only are these types of games exciting, but they’re also educational, as most involve interacting with others on the Internet.

What’s a simulation game?

This is a type of game that gives players the chance to act as an active part of a fictional storyline. As you play, you will visit places and do activities as part of this storyline. Some video games give players the option to develop their characters as well, giving them the opportunity to explore different aspects of their personalities.

a couple playing a simulation game

RPG games

Of all the genres in the RPG (role-playing, adventure, RPG), the most popular one is the RPG. Known as the ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game,’ this sub-genre of gaming has given rise to some of today’s most popular online multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft (WoW), Horizon Zero Dawn, and Age of Conan. To the surprise of many, these massively multiplayer online role-playing games require a lot of teamwork just to play properly. And if you’re part of an online guild, then you will be even more frustrated if you’re unable to find a quest or a spot to fight because all your friends are already fighting in that region.

Two different kinds of game mechanics

Many gamers aren’t aware that there exist two different kinds of game mechanics: the physical and the digital. The physical game mechanics are usually associated with arcade games, puzzle games, and other simple, single-player games. The digital game mechanics, on the other hand, are typically associated with more complex games like MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), RPGs (role-playing adventure games), RPG (role-playing games), and simulation type games. For instance, while most simulation-type games let the player control one character throughout a story, the physical game mechanics let the player control a group of characters at the same time. Also, this type of game mechanics differs significantly from real life by having the characters in the game behave and react to various stimuli instead of acting automatically.


You have the mobaile genre, which is basically an extension of the RPG genre. Unlike most RPGs, mobile has more of a focus on narrative and character development than on combat and puzzles. It is actually very similar to the later Japanese role-playing games. However, unlike the arcade and the single-player games, most often uses special effects and animation to add to their charm and appeal.