Is Photography Finally Considered an Art?

It is common knowledge that anyone can point a camera and click away at images that they see. This fact is the reason why photography as an art has been under contention. With the rise in technology that aids people with cameras to take better pictures, the lines between what is considered art and what is considered just someone taking photos has become blurry.

However, we can draw distinctions on what is considered art because, you may have heard of the phrase, ‘an eye for beauty’.

It is taken to mean that someone can look at something and see what you may have missed. This person will then take the photograph carefully to highlight its uniqueness. This method of spotting uniqueness in an otherwise bland world is where art comes into photography.

The art of photography

Photography is thought of and taught as an art and application subject in all photography schools worldwide. It is the making of images that are durable by recording light through an image sensor and lenses that allow in the right amount of light to create the photograph.


Its uses are varied and wide. When it comes to an industry that traffics in visual media, you will find that not just anyone can take photos that are good enough to be approved for the final product. There is a reason for this.

Photography is not just about recording an image. There is more to it than just pointing and clicking. You have to possess or learn some nuances that make the difference between capturing images and capturing art.

Some of the most important points are:

• Lighting

• Camera angles

• Lens types

• Shutter speeds

• Exposure time

• Colors

• The flash

• The editing process

When you start factoring in such parameters, we move away from amateur territory and into real photography. They do not just guess or assume anything. They are looking for a certain end result, which is controlled or determined by the factors above.

That is where we start using the word art in photography.

The Commercial View of Photography

Remember Andy Warhol? He was a pioneer. He did something that most people could have done but didn’t do. He did it in a way that was so unique that even if you learnt the technique and recreated your very own Warhol piece, it would not share the same aesthetic that his work has.


That is why his pieces sell for ridiculous amounts of money and others don’t.

We take photography as an art seriously because we have very demanding industries such as the following.

• Science

• Design and fashion

• Advertisement

• Film industry

These industries don’t just hire anyone to take photos for them. You have to audition for it. There is always something that they are looking for. You might present a picture of a bear eating a salmon to NatGeo and someone else might present a picture of a lake and they will get picked before you.

There has to be a way to do it so right that you stand out, in which case photography is indeed an art.