Huawei Honor Play Gaming Phone Review


The Huawei Honor V9 Play Dual Sim 5.2″ is a first of its kind. Unlike the ‘normal’ phones, it is exclusively designed for gaming. It can still handle calls and send messages like the ordinary phones though. Its keyboard layout, processing speed, storage capacity, and options, as well as display unit are all engineered with the aim of enhancing your gaming experience.

Its ability to confer great gaming experience is brought about by a confluence of several factors. The aim of this mini-review endeavors to examine this uniqueness.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

5.20-inch Touchscreen Display

Standing out in the list of its key features is the 5.2-inch touchscreen display unit. This display is large enough to reveal even the minutest of details. It also magnifies the sizes of the images and objects on the screen. This allows you to leverage your views considerably. Further complementing this large size is the high resolution that measures 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. This again enhances the clarity of pictures and eliminates any gray areas or ambiguities.

Powerful Cameras

A set of two powerful cameras comes second. The first is the 13-megapixel primary camera that is located at its rear. This camera captures panorama and other ambient views and scenes. The second camera is the 8-megapixel front shooter. This is ideal for selfies. By reason of the existence of these two cameras, you may count on the phone to deliver so much more than merely playing games. You may also be sure to accrue higher value for your money.

Spacious Internal Storage

Lastly, a spacious internal storage concludes the list of the outstanding features. The phone boasts of a whopping 32GB of internal storage. This storage can be expanded up to 128GB when a microSD card is attached to the phone.

Powerful Cameras

This spacious storage space ensures that you enjoy just about every other game you might want regardless of the size or storage space requirement. This is not to mention the peace of mind you will enjoy as well.


• Runs on the efficient Android 7.0 operating system

• Powered by a removable battery for ease of use

• Accepts both the Nano and the Micro SIMs for your maximum convenience

• Accommodates a vast array of connectivity options

• Equipped with several sensors that enhance its use and your overall experience


• Quite delicate and prone to damages

• Not so cheap to afford

• Unskilled users may fit is somewhat complicated


This smartphone may have its share of flaws, granted. However, all factors considered, it is still great for gaming. Its processing speed, storage capacity, and large display unit all combine to make this a reality. In your search for the right gaming phone, consider giving it a topmost priority.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

You may also wish to place an order sooner rather than later. This is because the phone is hot on demand. As such, chances are high that you might find it out of stock. Given that you would want other gamers to enjoy its advantages, we urge you to share this piece of information with them as well.