How Long Should I Wear Compression Socks

Different types of compression socks have varying time schedules on how long they should be worn. Your health care specialist should, therefore, advise you accordingly on how long to wear your compression socks.

They will not only help you understand when to wear them but also advise on how to use them correctly to avoid side effects such as numbness, swelling, and pain on the leg and itching. When used correctly, these compression socks should give you the best treatment that they are intended for.

get more information from this guide to know how long you should wear your compression socks.

How long to wear compression socks


If you are wearing these pressure socks after surgery, then you should wear them for a long period, even for years until you can move freely. They are meant to support your leg or arm after the surgery allowing a smooth flow of blood in the compressed area. Wearing the sleeves for more extended periods, therefore, helps you heal completely.

Compression socks also play an essential role in boosting blood circulation in the body, and therefore you could wear them even for the entire day and take them off while going to bed. However, you need to ensure that the socks comfortably fits you to avoid bruises.

Athletes can wear these pressure socks for the entire time they will be running to maintain a free flow of blood hence improving their performances.

These compression socks can be worn for longer durations depending on the purpose they are designed for. However, you need to acquire the right type of compression socks that fits you comfortably and is not too tight for your legs.

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The right type and size of these compression socks ensure that you have better experiences while wearing these socks even for longer durations without any side effects.