How Is Video Game Industry Doing in 2021?

The video game industry is today the most powerful industry involved in the electronic entertainment sector, creating new software and hardware products on a daily basis. It involves hundreds of different job fields and its countless component parts involve thousands of individuals worldwide. This industry has been responsible for the economic well-being of many countries and billions of dollars are spent each year by companies, investors, and consumers. However, it can be quite difficult to understand what all goes into being involved in the gaming industry. This article will aim to offer potential gamers the information they need to get started in the industry and what it takes to become successful in the field.

The revenue of the video game industry

The revenue generated by this industry can be staggering, earning billions of dollars each year. In fact, revenues in some countries such as Japan and Korea dwarf those of the United States. As a result, gaming revenue accounts for a large portion of the economies in these regions, and the employment rates are relatively high.

Millions of people play video games on a daily basis, contributing to the over one billion dollar revenue in North America alone. What makes the gaming industry so lucrative is its ability to stay ahead of the competition. New technology is introduced on a daily basis, which keeps the gaming platforms ahead of their competitors. The result is an increase in new games, which are created and marketed, driving up the sales of both new titles and old gamers alike.

To keep abreast of what’s going on in the gaming industry, it’s wise to follow the latest news and buzz. One of the best ways to do this is to read gaming industry-related magazines or visit online gaming forums. These websites allow members to communicate with each other and provide the latest info on what is happening in the world of consoles and games. Gaming forums offer a unique opportunity to get insider opinions and discuss all facets of the video game industry. The newest games, rumors, guides, and other “how’s” will be discussed here.

gaming equipment part of video game industry

The value chain

The value chain for video gaming starts with its creation. Video game consoles are designed to feed the user’s desire to have their games “on the go”. This has led to the creation of a wide array of portable gaming devices ranging from simple mobile phones to handheld portable video consoles like the PSP and iPhone. These devices are designed to allow the gamer to take their video game experience with them wherever they choose to go. Gamers can now have their favorite video game titles right at their fingertips.

The value chain continues with the creation of downloadable game software and the infrastructure required by online gaming servers. These necessary components are developed by third-party companies to complement the features offered by the major gaming industry’s top companies. Many of the world’s most popular gaming websites are run on gaming royalty revenue. These websites offer users free gaming content and other services in exchange for advertising space on their pages. Other websites require fees for access to their proprietary online gaming systems and features.

Beyond the creation of video games, the video game industry revenue is dependent on the ongoing success of its franchises. Popular franchises such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Pokemon have built incredible fan bases through decades of successful installments. These popular names are now considered household names, and their popularity requires constant attention from the gaming industry to stay financially healthy. The video game industry has not only created lifelong fans but also billions of dollars in revenue.


With the new generation of consoles being introduced each year, the potential growth of this industry is astounding. The future of gaming industry revenue depends greatly on the success of these new releases. Stay tuned to gaming news websites for more announcements about the future of gaming. The Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, and other upcoming consoles will likely influence our opinion of the future of consoles. Stay tuned!