Horizon Zero Dawn – Review

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Guerrilla Games and currently released by Sony Interactive Entertainment worldwide. The game follows Aloy, a young female hunter with a mysterious past, who wears a glowing crystal amulet around her neck. While on a routine hunting trip, she stumbles into a dangerous facility and gets infected by a strange substance. Here, Aloy’s ability to perceive psychic visions opens up as she is forced to fight her way through dangerous territory and puzzles while making use of new skills such as the Double Guns and Double Jump abilities to survive the hazards that come along the way. Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be a unique game in the action genre, with elements of mystery, stealth, and horror and promises to be one of the year’s best games.

Only available for the PS4 and PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently only available for the PS4 and PS5. A release on the Xbox One was planned but has now been canceled. For fans of the original Horizon Zero Dawn, the game should be a pleasant experience. For those who are looking forward to the new game in the action role-playing genre, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re enjoying the game. This Horizon Zero Dawn review will take a look at some tips and tricks that should help you get the most from Horizon Zero Dawn.

To start with, this Horizon Zero Dawn review is going to run through the PlayStation 4 version, to give it the biggest number of changes and improvements when compared to its previous predecessor. This is mainly because of the improvements in the graphical department – the image quality is quite a lot better. However, the overall experience is still not as smooth as it could be, with occasional frame-rate drops and screen tearing. There are noticeable screen wipes and blurring, but this doesn’t have a major impact on the core gameplay. These are the things you can expect from a new game, though.

girl playing horizon zero dawn

The combat system

The combat system is also a big feature of Horizon Zero Dawn. You can expect to see new machines that will allow you to deal with the open-world more effectively. These machines include the Jaegar machine that fires missiles at enemy targets from great distances, as well as machine guns that are used against multiple enemies at once. These machines will be equipped with new technology that makes them a more formidable foe.

It is also possible to get hold of new items as you progress through the game. For example, during your first few missions, you can find a robot called the Atlas. This robot has two additional heads which can be used to scout the open world as well as scan other players for rare items. Other machines include the Scrake, which uses its arm to slice through opponents and climb trees, and the Vortex, which destroys everything in its path.

The combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is similar to that seen in the previous games in the series. You can expect to find plenty of cover opportunities during shooting matches and you can also use weapons such as machine guns and missile Launchers. There are also mysterious mechanized creatures you can discover. These mystery creatures will play a role in the storyline as well as in uncovering the reasons behind why the natives of the lush world occupied the towers and cities of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn revolves around the question of faith and religion in the face of modern technology

One of the most interesting areas of Horizon Zero Dawn revolves around the question of faith and religion in the face of modern technology. This is a large part of the open world of the game as people have been forced to give up some of their beliefs in order to survive. Some of these beliefs are lost to the modern era. At one point, there is an elder warrior who is revered as a prophet but he carries a concealed secret that is given to a girl who must save her village. This hints at the potential of old age and faith being outdated when faced with the wonders of modern science and technology.

Horizon Zero Dawn gives players a chance to experience the return of their favorite action RPG series. The cast is larger than ever and the fighting feels as good as it did on the previous versions of the game. With all of the new weapons and abilities, this new release could very well become one of the best-selling games on the planet. I would recommend that you buy the Horizon Zero Dawn Season Pass to get a jump start on the game and to avoid missing out on any of the stories. I would also recommend that you play the demo to get a feel for the game and see if you enjoy it before purchasing the full version.