AnomalyCon 2017 Schedules!

Greetings, everyone!

As always, we have lots of amazing content for the 2017 Convention, and we’re excited to share that with you here.
A few reminders, first. 2017 is AnomalyCon’s final year, so make sure you get in on this spectacular event!
Hotel rooms and pre-registration are all open only until February 28th, since the convention is March 17-19 this year. Make sure you pre-register to participate in the AnomalyCards trading card game, with art and stories from some of our great spotlight guests!

Now, on to the exciting schedules!
The Main Schedule Panels and Descriptions:
Excel 2017 Panels with Descriptions_Final
PDF 2017 Panels with Descriptions_Final

The Main Schedule By Room (No Descriptions):
Excel 2017 Schedule By Track and Room_Final
PDF 2017 Schedule By Track and Room_Final

The Gaming Room Schedule
Excel 2017_AC_Game_Room
PDF 2017_Gaming_Schedule

Mini(on)Con (Kids Mini Convention Fri 9a-2p):
Excel (Note two tabs) 2017_Mini(on)Con Schedule & Panels_Final
PDFs: 2017_Mini(on)Con_Descriptions_Final

These should be final schedules, and will also be available in the program at the convention.

We also have the vendor map, check it out!

We can’t wait to see you all there!


News and Tshirt Art!

AnomalyCon 2017 is fast approaching! We have lots of news for you.
As this year’s dates are earlier than usual, we just want to extend a reminder that the hotel reservation deadline is Feb 28th–make sure to get your room at the discounted rate! Last year the rooms filled up pretty early, don’t miss out. Likewise, Feb 28th is the last day to register for the convention, Mini(on)Con, OR the tea–after that you can only register for the con at the door. Pre-registered attendees get a special badge and get to participate in the AnomalyCards, so you don’t want to miss it.

We have our gorgeous tshirt art in! MANDEM, our spotlight artist, did a spectacular job. Check this out:

Of course the shirts will be black, as always. Order yours now to make sure one is waiting for you at the con!

Finally, we have one of the most important announcements to make. AnomalyCon 2017 is our 7th year, and we have enjoyed building this community with you–a convention community as diverse as fandom itself. However, due to life circumstances with a number of our long time staff, 2017 will also be AnomalyCon’s final year. We appreciate how you all have grown with us, both old friends and new, and can’t wait to celebrate this, our best year yet.

See you in March!