Best Portable Video Game Systems

Handheld Video games or Portable Video games are a great family entertainment device that can be used while traveling to school, to the office, and even to a friend’s location. The best thing about these products is that they have become more advanced over the years. As technology continues to advance these products are becoming more challenging to play with and more entertaining to the players.

Brand: DEIKAL Color Configurations

DEIKAL is a global leader in digital signage and interactive technology. They offer over 30 touch screen displays, state-of-the-art control systems, the best in broadband wireless Internet, consumer electronics sales and service, and a full range of high-resolution display panels and projectors for your outdoor or indoor retail space. DEIKAL is the parent company of the DEKAP and EUROZ companies. They also work with many other well-known manufacturers to offer the best interactive technology for their wide variety of display panels. They have kept the prices of their system very competitive, making it a top choice among retailers.

Brand: Nintendo of America Inc. (Nintendo America)

The Nintendo Wii was one of the most successful games ever released. It was so successful that it was brought back as a bundle with the new 3DS XL just a few months after it first came out. With all of the supply shortages and high demand, Nintendo managed to keep the price low enough for everyone to afford.

Brand: Best Buy Co. (Best Buy) (announced June 2021)

As a result of the tremendous success of the original Nintendo DS, Best Buy decided to release the new version of the DS just a few months after the initial release. Best Buy has developed quite a following with consumers, and the new models of both the 2Ds and 3Ds XLS continue to please with the performance.

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Brand: LeapFrog

(LeapFrog is known for developing many computer applications as well). LeapFrog developed the very popular Unity Web Player. It is interesting to see a handheld game application designed by a developer that is focusing on the mobility of a consumer electronic device. This application will most likely become one of the more popular handheld video games available.LeapFrog was founded by executives from both Numinous Incorporated and Leap Path Limited, two well-known names in the computer technology industry. LeapFrog began developing handheld video games in 2021 and has received numerous Game Boy Advance awards and accolades. In September 2021, they announced a new project called “Virgo Arcade,” which will revisit classic arcade games in high definition. This new project will utilize the power of the Internet to bring classic arcade game experiences to consumers on a whole new level.

Brand: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)

Sony is the company that created the PlayStation Portable. The PSP is the gaming arm of Sony Computer Entertainment America. As a result of the PSP’s success, SCEA developed the PlayStation Move motion-sensitive gaming controller. This new controller offers players the ability to interact with their favorite PlayStation games in new ways, and at new levels of interaction and awareness. Not only is this new controller revolutionary but SCEA has developed not only a new version of the PlayStation Move motion-sensitive controller but a new version of the PlayStation Camera.

Brand: Nintendo Ease

Nintendo Ease specializes in handheld video game consoles and accessories. This brand specializes in the development of products to perform specific functions. Their mission is to design products that enhance the way people enjoy playing games, whether they are at home, at work, or anywhere in between.

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Brand: Tectonic Gaming

Tectonic Gaming was founded by executives from Rockstar Games and Universal Interactive as an independent digital entertainment publishing company. Tectonic Gaming is dedicated to bringing classic PC games to the modern era through innovative online connectivity. Tectonic Gaming offers handheld video games for PC, consoles, handheld gamepads, mobile devices, and digital downloads.

Brand: Uplift Software

Uplift Software (formerly known as UltraOffice) is an award-winning digital video software company based in Vancouver, Canada. Uplift Software offers a variety of PC applications and digital printing services that are used in the creation and production of printed visual media. In 2021, they acquired the rights to create and distribute PC video games and in July of 2021 released their first title “Words of Life.”