Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Biker Boyfriend

In case your boyfriend is a biker, you’re in luck! Not only can you enjoy watching him on his bike all cool and handsome, but the two of you can always go on an adventure together. And, in case you’re picking out a birthday present for him, you have plenty of options to choose from. So, if your beloved biker’s birthday is coming up, feel free to consider the following ideas so that you can give him an amazing present.

Cool leather goods

If there’s one perfect gift that every biker would absolutely love then it has to be a leather jacket. If your boyfriend doesn’t already have his own leather biker jacket, this may be the perfect opportunity to buy it for him. You can go with the classic style or opt for a more speed-inspired model such as a motorcycle racing jacket. And to complete the look, some top-quality leather gloves are a must for a biker; especially one wearing a cool leather jacket. Aside from the looks, leather items can be very beneficial as they protect from the cold during the ride efficiently.

Funny biker-inspired t-shirts

In case you know that your boyfriend already has everything that he might need, you can always surprise him with comfy T-shirts that have some sort of a funny message. “This guy loves motorcycles” or “I don’t snore, I dream I’m a motorcycle” are the examples of what you could go for. On the other hand, you can always have a T-shirt made with a custom print. This may be your private joke or something that only the two of you – and his bike – would understand. Don’t hesitate to let your creativity flow and create a T-shirt your boyfriend would love.

Motorcycle parts and essentials

For a girlfriend who understands her boyfriend’s love towards motorcycles, a practical and functional gift may be the best option. In that respect, you may already know that your boyfriend would be extremely happy to receive new motorcycle spark plugs, for instance. On the other hand, if your darling enjoys some mindful bike rides during the night, an LED light strip kit may be a new must-have for him. Among other possibilities, there’s always a top-quality disc lock alarm, an improved, comfortable bike cushion, a stylish and efficient hoist stand for the repairs, etc. These are all essential for any biker, but if you have no real knowledge about these things but you still want to surprise your boyfriend with motorcycle parts and other essentials, definitely ask his biker friends about their opinion.

Cell phone holder for motorcycles

So, you want to give your boyfriend something interesting and practical for his bike but you’re not really knowledgeable and don’t know who to ask for more info? If this is the case, it would be best to avoid giving away presents you’re not really sure about. Instead, your boyfriend could be extremely happy with a bike upgrade such as a cell phone holder. As you can imagine, no one can or should use their phone when driving, and especially not while riding a motorcycle. But with this holder, your boyfriend will be able to answer quick calls at least.

Something for the wall

In order to surprise your biker boyfriend with something interesting and fun, you can always opt for wall art and décor that’s centred around his other love – motorcycles. In that respect, one idea you could use involves a framed poster of motorcycle circuits. On the other hand, you could go for a classic with a Harley patent poster set. For something more personal, you can go with a customized biker plaque with your boyfriend’s name and other relevant info he’d appreciate. And if your boyfriend spends time in his garage/workshop with his bike fairly often, a sign for his “shop” such as a personalized metal chopper plaque is a great idea.

If possible, try to listen to his biker talk before his birthday as this may give you a clue about what he wants. If this endeavour doesn’t bear fruits though, don’t feel bad. Your boyfriend will definitely be happy with anything you get him! Even more so if you take the time to find/make a biker-related gift to show just how much you care for him and his lifestyle.