AnomalyCon: So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish

Dearest AnomalyCon Guests, Attendees, Vendors, and Staff:

Once upon a time, there was a person with a dream…

Almost nine years ago, in September of 2008, we started together on a journey that began when I attended a casually planned event at the Denver Botanic Gardens in my first Steampunk costume. That event was so much fun that I agreed to start planning more events for that group, the Colorado Steampunks.

In January of the following year, someone casually suggested an idea to start a radio show (a podcast, in fact) that told the stories of an airship full of adventurers. From that idea I agreed to start writing, directing, and producing a podcast called Radio S.T.E.A.M., and gathered members of the Colorado Steampunks together to form the cast. We formed a small LLC and called it Victorian Productions.

A year later, a member of the Colorado Steampunks made the suggestion that Steampunk needed a local convention. At first, our little radio group thought we would work together to tie into another event. We would call it the Mad Science Faire of Colorado. Just as our planning was beginning, however, a paranormal science club at Metro State College used that name for a fringe science festival, and threw a wrench in our gears.

So, instead, our little group of about 15 novice voice actors agreed to direct Victorian Productions in more projects. We argued and discussed all kinds of venues and ideas, and the name was the biggest sticking point. “What if Steampunk becomes obsolete?” We asked ourselves. Finally, one day, driving in the rain, the name came to me. I dialed in the other people who had agreed to be directors–the people most likely to show up to everything. “We’ll call it AnomalyCon!” I shouted, excited to finally put a name to our idea.
And so a convention was born. We started out in the Tivoli in 2011, with nearly 600 people at our first event. And here, at the Hyatt, 7 years later, with record attendance, is where we say our farewell.

In the beginning we were 12 directors coming together to form a company. A fellowship of the STEAM, if you will. Through the years, life and health have slowly moved in on many of our staff members, and though we grew to as many as 70 or 80 volunteers during busy times, eight years is a long time for people who were mostly college students when we started. And so now, at the end of the journey, we are only two.  

From the beginning, we set out to create a unique experience. We wanted science and technology incorporated in our content. We wanted local authors and artists to get a chance to shine. We wanted lots of music and activity and fun.

And we wanted AnomalyCon to mean something.

We named it AnomalyCon because, though we loved the Steampunk aesthetic, we recognized that steam is just one component of the greater, vital, science fiction community. We wanted to embrace science fiction in all its radical potential.

Our policies have evolved over time. We have always had a respect and safety policy, but as we moved away from the restrictive rules of the Tivoli, as other conventions failed to protect their attendees, our policies evolved to reflect our understanding of the world and our desire to be intersectional above all else. We’ve brought in guests from around the world, and they have made an impact on us and on you. Today, AnomalyCon is a safe place because of our dedication to intersectional justice, but also because all of you are willing to work together to make it that place. We could never have done this without the many hundreds of people over the years who put effort and collaboration into this space. You have proven what fandom is capable of, and I am so proud to have been a part of this.

In the turmoil and uncertainty of today’s political climate, I am sorry, from the depths of my heart, that the time has come to retire AnomalyCon and let our remaining staff move on to other projects. But this is not goodbye, my friends. If AnomalyCon has made a difference for you, I hope you will go out and build safe spaces for each other. Stand together, strong, as a community, and no one can take that away from us.

Though, after this weekend, I will no longer stand before you as your Captain, I hope that you will remember me fondly–and go forth and change the world.  

Look to the Skies,
Commodore Kronda Seibert, First of Their Name
Captain of the Good Ship AnomalyCon

AnomalyCon Pre-Registration is Now Closed

Greetings, everyone!
Thank you to everyone who has pre-registered for AnomalyCon. Pre-registration is now closed, as we prepare for the convention day.
You can still pick up passes for the convention at the door:
Weekend passes: $40
Fri Only: $20
Sat Only: $25
Sun only: $20

Pre-registration pickup opens at 2pm on Fri, Mar 17th and regular badge pickup opens at 3pm.
2017 Lapel Pins (art by Chaz Kemp) will be available for $7 and 2017 Tshirts (art by MANDEM) will be available for $20.

As this is the last convention for AnomalyCon, we will have all past year merchandise available on clearance for production cost, so pick up all the mugs you can carry!

You can access the schedule files at and the most complete up-to-date schedule will be available at the con.

We’ll see you at AnomalyCon!

AnomalyCon 2017 Schedules!

Greetings, everyone!

As always, we have lots of amazing content for the 2017 Convention, and we’re excited to share that with you here.
A few reminders, first. 2017 is AnomalyCon’s final year, so make sure you get in on this spectacular event!
Hotel rooms and pre-registration are all open only until February 28th, since the convention is March 17-19 this year. Make sure you pre-register to participate in the AnomalyCards trading card game, with art and stories from some of our great spotlight guests!

Now, on to the exciting schedules!
The Main Schedule Panels and Descriptions:
Excel 2017 Panels with Descriptions_Final
PDF 2017 Panels with Descriptions_Final

The Main Schedule By Room (No Descriptions):
Excel 2017 Schedule By Track and Room_Final
PDF 2017 Schedule By Track and Room_Final

The Gaming Room Schedule
Excel 2017_AC_Game_Room
PDF 2017_Gaming_Schedule

Mini(on)Con (Kids Mini Convention Fri 9a-2p):
Excel (Note two tabs) 2017_Mini(on)Con Schedule & Panels_Final
PDFs: 2017_Mini(on)Con_Descriptions_Final

These should be final schedules, and will also be available in the program at the convention.

We also have the vendor map, check it out!

We can’t wait to see you all there!


News and Tshirt Art!

AnomalyCon 2017 is fast approaching! We have lots of news for you.
As this year’s dates are earlier than usual, we just want to extend a reminder that the hotel reservation deadline is Feb 28th–make sure to get your room at the discounted rate! Last year the rooms filled up pretty early, don’t miss out. Likewise, Feb 28th is the last day to register for the convention, Mini(on)Con, OR the tea–after that you can only register for the con at the door. Pre-registered attendees get a special badge and get to participate in the AnomalyCards, so you don’t want to miss it.

We have our gorgeous tshirt art in! MANDEM, our spotlight artist, did a spectacular job. Check this out:

Of course the shirts will be black, as always. Order yours now to make sure one is waiting for you at the con!

Finally, we have one of the most important announcements to make. AnomalyCon 2017 is our 7th year, and we have enjoyed building this community with you–a convention community as diverse as fandom itself. However, due to life circumstances with a number of our long time staff, 2017 will also be AnomalyCon’s final year. We appreciate how you all have grown with us, both old friends and new, and can’t wait to celebrate this, our best year yet.

See you in March!


AnomalyCon Last Minute News!

Greetings, AnomalyCon! We have some last minute details for you all.

CHUCK WENDIG: Due to unforseen personal illness Chuck has regretfully had to cancel for AnomalyCon 2016. We apologize for this inconvenience and plan to see Chuck at AnomalyCon 2017. We wish him a speedy recovery.

ROBERTO CALAS: Due to unforseen personal circumstances, Roberto Calas will also not be joining us for AnomalyCon 2016. We wish him well/


Pre-registration is closed, and so is registration for Mini(on)Con, Press Passes, Sponsored Passes, and the Tea.

Registration for the convention is available on site, and the convention hours are as follows:
The convention floor is never completely closed, but programming operates:
9am-2pm Friday for Mini(on)Con,
2pm-Midnight Friday regular programming
9am-Midnight Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday

The art room and vendor room hours are:
Friday: 5PM-9PM
Saturday: 10AM-8PM
Sunday: 10AM-4PM

Registration is open:
Friday 1pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

Don’t miss Opening Ceremonies on Friday at 4pm for a short performance by Frenchy and the Punk and news about cool things over the weekend!
Opening Ceremonies is much like orientation for the convention.

See you there!

AnomalyCon Pre-Registration is Now Closed!

Pre-registration is closed, but you can still join us at the convention!
AnomalyCon registration on-site opens at 2pm on Friday and is $40 for the entire weekend, or $20 for Fri, $25 for Sat, and $20 for Sun. Kids ages 7 and under are free and ages 8-13 are half price (at the door only).

Meanwhile, our gaming room this year has the following press release:

The AnomalyCon Gaming Room will be open Friday from 2pm-11pm, Saturday from 10am-6pm, and Sunday from 10am-4pm!

This year, we have a great collection of board and card games available for you to check out and play with your friends.
Whether you want to play an old favorite or something you’ve never tried before, we’ll have volunteers there to help you get started!

And we’ve got our best role-playing schedule ever! There will be at least two RPGs going on at a time, so whether you’ve never played before or you just want to try something new, we’ve got your game! Beginners are welcome at all of our games.

We’ll be featuring several Steampunk and Victoriana-style games, as well as classic D&D adventures and alt-history too!

Join noted game designers Sean Patrick Fannon and Ross Watson as they demonstrate the feverishly-anticipated Savage Rifts!

Contact Bill Keyes (AnomalyCon Gaming Room Coordinator) at keyes_bill (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have any questions!

Find the complete schedule and release attached!

AnomalyCon Pre-Registration and Advertising!

Greetings, AnomalyCon!

The day of (closed registration) is almost upon us!
Remember that AnomalyCon Pre-Reg closes Fri 3/4/16 at 11:59pm! After that, passes can only be purchased at the convention for $40 for the weekend (daily prices available under the FAQ link) and will not include the cool pre-reg bag, AnomalyCards and other swag.

Also! We’ve received a lot of last-minute advertising requests. Normally we close the deadline for these on January 31st, but we’ve extended the deadline to February 29th. After that no additional advertising applications will be accepted!

For more info, contact us!

Advertisements must meet our respect policy guidelines.

AD sizes and prices are as follows:

$75 for a Quarter Page ad
Quarter page ads should be provided already scaled to the appropriate 4 15/16 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall.

$25 for a Single Column ad
Single column ads should be provided already scaled to the appropriate 2 3/8 inches wide by 3 5/8 inches tall.

$10 for a Classified ad
These ads can contain one base URL or base URL plus one file, subdomain or subdirectory.

If you include a URL, it will count as one word toward the 100 word limitation.

Here are examples of URLs we will accept:

example. com

example. com/abc

example. com/abc. html

abc.example. com

The URLs cannot be in the format:

example. com/abc/123

example. com/abc/123. html

abc.example. com/123

All ads except the Classifieds must be provided in the following formats:

Either in a PDF format with embedded fonts,
Or a JPG or EPS image with fonts converted to outlines.
All ads can be black/white only with a 300 dpi resolution.

Tshirt Art for 2016!

This just in! AnomalyCon’s gorgeous new tshirt art for 2016, by Stevie Schafer!

We have adult sizes S-3X and a very limited run of child’s XS (4-5). Order yours online today to make sure you get your size!
All adult sizes are just $20. Child size can only be purchased at the convention (because we have so few) and will be $12.

See you at AnomalyCon!

Here you can check out a preview of the art on the shirt:

Last Day to Pre-Register for Only $25!

Are YOU coming to AnomalyCon?
Pre-registered attendees get loads of fabulous benefits, including lower prices, a cool art badge, participation in the AnomalyCard Trading Game, and a swag bag!

August 31st is the LAST day to take advantage of the $25 rate before the price goes up to $30!

Pop over to the Registration link to register today!

Remember that hotel rooms are still available at the rate of $95/night at the Hyatt DTC. Don’t miss out on AnomalyCon After Dark!

AnomalyCon 2016 Theme Change Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Due to feedback from various guests and attendees, AnomalyCon 2016 is shifting our theme from “Journey on the Silk Road” to “Dark Underground: Supernatural Steampunk Around the Underworld”

(Faeries, vampires, and gremlins, oh my).

We will NOT be going back on our respect costuming policy, but feel this change will make it less likely to put our guests and attendees at risk for cultural appropriation and harassment.

Let the Underworld Games begin.