Drink Contest!

AnomalyCon is seeking an official mixed drink and we’re turning to our closest fans to help us find it! Between now and November 1st we’re seeking mixed drink suggestions, both of the alcoholic and virgin variety, as well as names for them. During November we will be narrowing down all of the suggestions to the top three. Finally, during the annual Colorado Steampunks New Year’s Eve Eve party we’ll be serving these drinks up and voting on the winner. These two drinks will be served at AnomalyCon 2014 at the hotel bar. What’s in it for you? FAME AND PRIZES! The three finalists from November will all receive an AnomalyCon lapel pin and the winner in each category will receive the top secret object we are working on for 2014. You do not have to submit a cocktail recipe to submit a name, and vice versa–if one person wins for name and another for drink recipe they will both be awarded a prize! You’ll also get your name alongside the drink recipe in the 2014 AnomalyCon program!

To enter, comment on this post with your entry name or recipe. If multiple people enter the same name or recipe, the first one to post will be considered the original. You may also send us your suggestion through our Contact form.

Jon Magnificent

Announcing that Jon Magnificent has agreed to fill BB Blackdog’s very big shoes! This incredible musician from the LA area has a great repertoire of Steampunk and contemporary music, and he’s even going to run our tea duelings this year! Don’t miss it!