Vendor news

We’ve crunched the numbers and calculated the space, but unfortunately all vendor spaces are full for our 2016 convention. We will release a complete list of attending vendors in August. Thank you for your understanding and we apologise at the tardiness of this announcement.

Thank you for an awesome convention!

We over at AnomalyCon are in the funny position of wrapping up the 2015 con and moving onto exciting new things for 2016.

FIRST OF ALL: thank you everybody for making 2015 the best year yet! We’ll be back at the Hyatt Denver Tech Center, over March 25-27 2016!

Even though registration is open until February 29th, 2016, the current registration price is only good until May 31st, 2015. Order early for the best deal!

Keep an eye out on this main page for a new story. We’re working our way to start taking applications for 2016!

We’re already excited to announce guests for 2016! Look forward to seeing everybody from Shelley Adina to Delilah S. Dawson to The Cog is Dead! The guest pages have been updated, so head on over there for a very full list of guests.



Today is the day, and AnomalyCon is now in session!

Some quick reminders for all of you:
REGISTRATION will be OPEN on site:
FOR PREREG starting at 1pm Friday.
Friday: 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM until 6PM
Registration ON SITE is $35 for the weekend, or $15 for Fri or Sun and $20 for Sat. Children under 8 are free and ages 8-13 are half price.

Fri: 5p-9p
Sat: 10a-8p
Sun: 10a-4p
NO admittance to the vendor’s room without a badge.

Full and final schedule!

We here at AnomalyCon are proud to present our final schedule! Take a look and plan your weekend ahead of time!

Take a gander HERE. Head on over to the schedule page for a different version of the schedule that breaks panels down alphabetically and with descriptions.

We would also like to remind everybody that online registration is now closed. However, you can still buy passes at the convention!
Friday is $15
Saturday is $20
Sunday is $15
A weekend pass at the door is only $35 for the whole weekend.
Children under 8 are free and ages 8-13 are half price with a registered adult.

Furthermore, requests for press passes are also closed.

We also know that vendors are eagerly looking forward to our 2016 convention. Information will be posted here next month. We’re hard at work making 2015 the best year ever!

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Guest Cancellations

Due to other personal commitments, both Zoe Frasure and Robert Elrod have had to cancel their appearances at AnomalyCon. However, since both were involved in creating beautiful art for us this year, we’re leaving their guest info up on the website. We wish them well in their endeavors!

Hotel reminder!

Are you waiting to book your room at the Hyatt? TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Our special $90/night rate is only good through March 6! Book your room HERE!

As a reminder, we will be randomly selecting one lucky hotel guest to win TWO Cirque du Soleil’s ‘KURIOS’ show! Book your room now and you’re automatically entered!

FAQ updated!

Hullo all!

We’ve done a rather large update and overhaul of the FAQ and Policy page. Please consider taking a gander over there, as many of your questions can be answered there (yes, please volunteer- we’ll love you forever. And please wait until after AnomalyCon 2015 to inquire about vendor information for AnomalyCon 2016)

Big art news!

AnomalyCon is modifying our art show this year. That’s right, we heard your voices and we listened (though our top scientists are investigating this strange phenomenon and assure us they will get to the bottom of the voices in our heads)! This year we are proud to present a profit-earning art room.

For more information, head on over to our new Art Show page!