Tea Duelling

Multiple Tea Duelling contests will be held throughout the weekend. See the program or the staff at ops to get all of the details.

The rules are as follows:
Two duelists sit across from each other at a table, each with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or cookie).

On the count they dip their cookies in the tea, and then it’s a game to stare each other down until one lifts out his biscuit and tries to eat it. The winner is the one who both holds his biscuit in the longest AND gets the entire biscuit into his mouth without it breaking.

This is a serious sport. Only the most elegant and graceful gentlemen and ladies can compete with a straight face. Better yet, it is a duel fought without violence. Maybe.

Here are a couple of videos from AnomalyCon 2013′s competition:

And the finals: