AnomalyCon 2017

AnomalyCon 7 took place March 17th through March 19th, 2017.

2017 Guest Spotlight

The best that AnomalyCon 7 has to offer!

2017 Artists

The guest artists at AnomalyCon 7.

2017 Authors

The guest authors at AnomalyCon 7.

2017 Performers

The guest performers at AnomalyCon 7.

Mini(on) Con 2017

AnomalyCon 7 presents: AnomalyCon Mini(on) Con for kids ages 5-18!

2017 Art Contest

We are running an art contest for the T-Shirt and badge art for AnomalyCon 7.

2017 Costume Contest

The AnomalyCon 7 Steampunk Costume Contest.

2017 Facial Hair Competition

The AnomalyCon 7 Beard and Mustache Competition.

2017 Lego Contest

Once again, AnomalyCon 7 will be having our annual LEGO building contest

2017 Murder Mystery

The AnomalyCon 7 Murder Mystery Contest.

2017 Tea Duelling

Steampunks’ favorite pasttime, the AnomalyCon 7 Tea Duelling!

2017 Victorian Swimwear Competition

An AnomalyCon first in 2016. Now, the AnomalyCon 7 Victorian Swimwear Competition.