LEGO Contest

Once again, Anomalycon will be having our annual LEGO building contest! There are two categories, prebuilt, and timed build.

The prebuilt category is whatever you want to make before the convention. Bring it in the day of the contest, we’ll display it for everyone to ooh and aah over, and our judges will pick a winner.

The timed build will begin sometime in the morning (date and time TBA, usually Sunday am), with a central pool of LEGO bricks provided to all contestants. You have from the start of the contest until judging time (usually about 2-3 hours, but subject to change), to build your best hasty creation. Unlike previous years, the timed build contest will be FREE in 2014!

Winners in each category will be announced at the closing ceremonies, and will be awarded with a unique Anomalycon Trophy!

It’s also been rumored that if there’s enough contestants, there will be a separate division for kids and adults, so tell your LEGO building friends to compete so there’s more prizes to be had!