2017 Art Contest

We are running an art contest for the T-Shirt and badge art for AnomalyCon 7.

2017 Costume Contest

The AnomalyCon 7 Steampunk Costume Contest.

2017 Facial Hair Competition

The AnomalyCon 7 Beard and Mustache Competition.

2017 Lego Contest

Once again, AnomalyCon 7 will be having our annual LEGO building contest

2017 Murder Mystery

The AnomalyCon 7 Murder Mystery Contest.

2017 Tea Duelling

Steampunks’ favorite pasttime, the AnomalyCon 7 Tea Duelling!

2017 Victorian Swimwear Competition

An AnomalyCon first in 2016. Now, the AnomalyCon 7 Victorian Swimwear Competition.