AnomalyCon Pre-Registration is Now Closed

Greetings, everyone!
Thank you to everyone who has pre-registered for AnomalyCon. Pre-registration is now closed, as we prepare for the convention day.
You can still pick up passes for the convention at the door:
Weekend passes: $40
Fri Only: $20
Sat Only: $25
Sun only: $20

Pre-registration pickup opens at 2pm on Fri, Mar 17th and regular badge pickup opens at 3pm.
2017 Lapel Pins (art by Chaz Kemp) will be available for $7 and 2017 Tshirts (art by MANDEM) will be available for $20.

As this is the last convention for AnomalyCon, we will have all past year merchandise available on clearance for production cost, so pick up all the mugs you can carry!

You can access the schedule files at and the most complete up-to-date schedule will be available at the con.

We’ll see you at AnomalyCon!