AnomalyCon Pre-Registration and Advertising!

Greetings, AnomalyCon!

The day of (closed registration) is almost upon us!
Remember that AnomalyCon Pre-Reg closes Fri 3/4/16 at 11:59pm! After that, passes can only be purchased at the convention for $40 for the weekend (daily prices available under the FAQ link) and will not include the cool pre-reg bag, AnomalyCards and other swag.

Also! We’ve received a lot of last-minute advertising requests. Normally we close the deadline for these on January 31st, but we’ve extended the deadline to February 29th. After that no additional advertising applications will be accepted!

For more info, contact us!

Advertisements must meet our respect policy guidelines.

AD sizes and prices are as follows:

$75 for a Quarter Page ad
Quarter page ads should be provided already scaled to the appropriate 4 15/16 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall.

$25 for a Single Column ad
Single column ads should be provided already scaled to the appropriate 2 3/8 inches wide by 3 5/8 inches tall.

$10 for a Classified ad
These ads can contain one base URL or base URL plus one file, subdomain or subdirectory.

If you include a URL, it will count as one word toward the 100 word limitation.

Here are examples of URLs we will accept:

example. com

example. com/abc

example. com/abc. html

abc.example. com

The URLs cannot be in the format:

example. com/abc/123

example. com/abc/123. html

abc.example. com/123

All ads except the Classifieds must be provided in the following formats:

Either in a PDF format with embedded fonts,
Or a JPG or EPS image with fonts converted to outlines.
All ads can be black/white only with a 300 dpi resolution.