2015 Artists


Aria is a local artist from Denver (though born in the Otherworlds) she was mostly raised in Colorado. Aside from a brief portion in a rainy Washington town as a squawking infant. Which remains mostly irrelevant.
She began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon and has not stopped the madness since.
In her art, she likes to reflect the monsters she meets throughout the day and their naturally unnatural habitats.
Swirling skies with beasts sprouting clockwork from their bodies, deer manifesting from trees and dragons hatching from the moon are just some of the common visuals found in her work which she often refers to as surrealist in nature.
In addition to the watercolour and pastel she generally paints in, she also enjoys a wide variety of other visual art forms including the hand binding of books and the weaving of small creatures from yarn and wire known as ‘Yarnlings’
These and more can be viewed over various reaches of the internet under her art handle ShePaintsWithBlood on DeviantArt, Facebook and Tumblr.
When she has not locked herself up in the Otherworlds, she can also be found selling and showing her art live in Downtown Denver on First Fridays.

Joe Becker

Colorado’s native son, Joe Becker works primarily with pencil, ink, markers as well as digitally. Joe’s art crosses multiple genres but his passion lies within the superheroes, sci-fi, and steampunk genres. Combining genres and giving his art a “humanistic touch” sets him apart.
Joe is highly educated in the art of graphic design and drawing, taught by many of the finest professors in Colorado. He spent time honing his craft on the Western Slope as well as in downtown Denver. Becker’s work has been viewed worldwide, but he is devoted to building Colorado’s local comic art community. A regular at many of the local conventions, he enjoys interacting with fans and artists alike.
Joe, AKA Mr. BMF, is an active member of the weekly art collective, “Red Team GO!” In his spare time, Joe enjoys writing self bios in the third person. Reach him at @ThatJoeBecker or Facebook.com/TheTicking.

Robert Elrod

Robert is a self-taught artist who works with a variety of mediums including pencil, color pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and digital. Robert’s artwork has appeared on the covers of several novels and anthologies from small-press horror authors and publishers, including Permuted Press. Tickling A Dead Man: Stories About Georgeis his self-published comic book in which he relentlessly tortures his misanthropic title character by forcing him to face his deepest fears and anxieties. His comics also appear within the pages of the “Best New Zombie Tales” series from Books of the Dead Press. He’s contributed pinup art to publications by Bluewater Comics, Creator’s Edge Press, Angry Dog Press, British Fantasy Society,Lovecraft eZine, The Big Adios, and This Is Horror.

Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton is a graphic designer, digital artist, Denver native and all-around crafty person. With an eclectic professional background which includes fashion design, costuming, and CAD drafting, she brings a unique perspective to all her projects. In addition to offering professional design services, she also sells a line of posters, mini prints, stationery, collectibles and other fun miscellany through her company BottleCap Graphics Ltd., all while under the close supervision of Sasha the studio cat. See what she’s been up to lately at www.bottlecap-graphics.com.

Shoshanah Holl

Shoshanah Holl is a writer and illustrator with work ranging from fantasy, horror, science-fiction, and everywhere beyond. She first discovered steampunk through the work of H.G Wells at a young age, around the same time her crippling fear of Morlocks was born.

Chaz Kemp

Chaz Kemp is an Art Nouveau illustrator living in Denver, CO. He uses modern, digital techniques to create his steampunk, horror and fantasy pieces and he was nominated for a Bram Stoker award in 2012. When he’s not performing with his band Pandora Celtica, he’s working hard on a top secret project with up-and-coming author Carolyn Fritz! You can visit him on the web at www.ChazKemp.com and you can also hang out with him on his Facebook page: Chaz Kemp Illustration… if you dare!

Sarah Menzel

Sarah Menzel has been working as a full time freelance illustrator since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Sequential Art and a minor in storyboarding. Her creative influences stem from Japanese and European comics, as well as animation of all kinds. She is currently involved in a variety of projects both personal and commercial, including working as the colorist for Velvet Garden, a graphic novel written by Ryan Davis and drawn by Joe Oliver. Sarah is also the lead art director for Apparatus Publishing, a startup company which aims to deliver speculative fiction stories integrated with sound and image for mobile devices.

Joe Oliver

Joe Oliver has been a freelance illustrator for the past 7 years. After going to school for animation he decided to focus on his first love, comics. He appreciates the medium for its diversity in storytelling and constant challenges. He enjoys horror/sci-fi, reading, surf music, pinball, and a good steak.

James A. Owen

James A. Owen is an author, illustrator, and speaker. He created two dozen StarChild comics, and was named to trade magazine Hero Illustrated’s list of the one hundred most influential people in the Comic Book Industry in 1994 and 1995.
James drew over 200 illustrations, as well as the covers, for his epic seven book series of young adult novels, the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. More than a million copies of his publications are in print, and are sold all over the world.
Often asked to speak at schools, James rarely discusses his books, instead focusing on stories from his own life – examples of overcoming obstacles and adversity, how making choices in life is like drawing a Dragon, and how he came to do what he loves most for his job. These stories are the inspirational non-fiction book, Drawing Out The Dragons, the first of three books called The Meditations.
Fool’s Hollow, the first of a five-volume YA series, will come out in 2013. It’s both a literary homecoming for James as well as a starting point for a bold, new adventure, because Fool’s Hollow will be a grand retelling and completion of the StarChild saga with dozens of new, original illustrations
James is the founder and executive director of the Coppervale Studio, a 14,000 square foot, century-old restored church in Arizona.

Kathryn Renta

Kathryn S. Renta is an award winning artist and recent immigrant to Colorado. She grew up in California with a vivid imagination and unquenchable curiosity. With an intense fear of blank pages, she set out to fill every single one she could. That included sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, random bits of paper and the wall behind her childhood bed.
In addition to 15+ years as a graphic artist and illustrator, her work includes over a decade of lettering comics for Viz Media, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics and several independent publishers.

Tom Sarmo

Tom Sarmo was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He owns–and works in–the Cranky Bird Studio.
He’s been at it professionally for 26 years, and has work in a variety of collections, publications, and galleries. Tom’s artwork has ranged from children’s books and merchandise, record covers and commercial illustration, to privately commissioned work. His original art is available at the Arvada Center’s annual Art Show and Sale in December, and his work is represented by Willow: An Artisan’s Market. Tom loves art, but particularly creative, illustrative types.
He works in a variety of media, and his subjects are fueled by his interests, which include anything 19th century, literature, science, history, music, and exploring.
He is dedicated to sharing knowledge, and provides workshops and presentations on illustration techniques for students ages 16 to adult. He’s a licensed teacher in the state of Colorado. In addition to Art Makers Denver, Tom teaches workshops at Foothills Art Center in Golden.
He is currently at work on three books.

Stevie Schafer

Stevie Schafer grew up making art, wandering through forests in the Pacific Northwest, and wishing that magic were real. She paints to try and make some of her favorite genres come to life.
She has more than fifteen years of digital painting under her belt. She studied art and creative writing at the University of Colorado Boulder. Some of her major projects include a previous run of the webcomic Dictionary Girl and work on a storytelling startup called Apparatus.
You’ll find her painting science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, and video game inspired compositions live through twitch.tv as Stevieraedrawn.
Take a peek at some of her work at http://stevieraedrawn.com/

Janet Smith

Janet Smith has been designing apparel and costumes for over 42 years with degrees in apparel design from The Fashion Institute of Technology and and theatrical costume design from UNC. She now spends much of her time designing costumes for Shakespeare productions, doing custom work for her company, Moongoddess Fantasy Costume and making costumes for her grandkids. Recently she had her article published in the anthology “Easy to Love But Hard to Live With” describing her life with people on the Autism spectrum, including her spouse, writer, teacher, actor and Bartitsu expert, Terry Kroenung.

Sarin Tatroe

Sarin is a local artist living in Thornton who has been drawing on and off since she can remember. She is currently trying her hand out as a freelance artist after bidding the corporate world farewell to be a stay at home mom. When not “arting”, as she calls it, she loves to daydream and role play in between chasing her pre-schooler around the house.
Her art is mostly a blend of anime/manga style with a little bit of realism injected into her pieces. Copic markers are her current favorite medium of choice. She has played with water color, watercolor pencils, pencils, and many other artsy mediums and has mixed them all together at times.
She likes to wonder what stories people will come up with when diving into her art since she believes that all art has a story. Sarin is currently working on a few personal projects that seem to never have an end or a definite beginning. Her works may be viewed at http://sariochan.deviantart.com. More recent works are usually able to be viewed at local conventions.

Stan Yan

Stan Yan grew up in Denver, Colorado and went to school at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he got his bachelor’s degree in accounting. Due to the lack of sex-for-recruiting for accounting students, Yan’s life took the tragic turn into sales for the securities industry, where he wallowed in ethical poverty on-and-off for thirteen years. Yan takes his frustrations out by penning graphic novels such as The Wang. In 2005, Yan has gave up on financial security and become a full-time freelance cartoonist, illustrating SubCulture for Ape Entertaiment and Action Lab Danger Zone, creating comic strips for the financial and sales industry, drawing zombie caricatures, and picking up odd illustration and teaching jobs when folks are feeling agonizing pity for him. Stan teaches Summer camps, after school programs, workshops, and helped to develop a degree program in graphic storytelling as an adjunct faculty member at the Community College of Aurora. He writes and color the REVVVelations webstrip. Recent credits include illustrating the comic book “The Adventures of Health Team 4″ for Kaiser Permanente; writing Vincent Price Presents #33 for Bluewater Productions; and Yan “Food Fright” for the Melting Pot restaurant. Current projects, inquiries, and complaints can be lodged at http://stanyan.me/.