AnomalyCon 2012 is looking for artists! We are running an art contest for the tshirt and badge art for 2012. The theme is (naturally) apocalypse. Not post-apocalypse, but what would happen building up and during the disaster. There are endless possibilities for this, especially with a steampunk twist.

Submissions are due in high-def form by June 30, 2011. The winner will receive two free badges to AnomalyCon 2012, as well as a tshirt with their design on it. Send your submissions to us! All submissions become the property of AnomalyCon and cannot be returned.

We will accept separate submissions for tshirt and badge. We reserve the right to use two different artists’ submissions and give them each the prize.

Full color is preferred for the badge but the ideal art for the shirt would look good as white on black or vice versa.
“size” is relative but the image will need to be large enough to look good as a roughly 9×12 image on a tshirt.

Image submission needs to be at least 300dpi

We don’t have any specific “must haves,” except that it needs to in some way reflect Steampunk/scifi and have something reflecting the Apocalypse theme. Some suggestions (which have not been drawn yet) include a Cthulhian man wearing a tophat and spats and carrying a sign that says “The End is Nigh”

You can incorporate AnomalyCon 2012 into the art but it is not necessary. If the winning piece does not have this we will incorporate it. With that in mind, images ideally will be submitted in jpg, png or tiff format (png preferred) to make changing the color/size/adding text easier for us.

Shirt will be black unless the art we choose has to be on a white shirt.

The editing on our end will primarily just include possible orientation changes, sizing, color (to monochromatic or possibly sepia), and adding text if necessary. Ideally we won’t need to do any other editing, and images that need a lot of editing (especially for line cleanup, etc) probably won’t be selected because at that point it isn’t the artist’s original piece anymore.

All artists are allowed to participate, but those outside the US will still have to find their own way to the con to claim their prize.

Submissions should be sent to us with the subject “Art Submission”.