A Path to Becoming a Professional Gamer

What does a professional gamer actually do? The blurred line between play and job blurred when you become a professional gamer. If you have wicked fast reflexes, spend countless hours replaying the same level over again, and are a natural at strategic games, then a professional gamer endorsement might be calling your name. You might think that being a professional gamer is a lot of hard work but when you get signed by a gaming company, you’ll realize how wrong you were.

Professional gamers are in demand and getting signed by a gaming company is like being knighted by the queen herself. To be a professional gamer is a huge honor. It’s almost like earning the right to fight the evil dragon instead of just shooting at him. Becoming a professional gamer is the ultimate dream for most gamers and what better way to get there than becoming an export champion?

If you thought playing video games is a hobby, think again. Professional gamers put in long hours and practice their game to the max just to achieve that coveted title. How much do they practice? A lot! Like any other sport or even profession, there is a very stringent process to becoming a professional gamer and to be accepted in the industry, particularly with the emergence of the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and the NA (NA Bravado) scene.

gaming equipment for competition

Find a coach

When aspiring to be a professional gamer, the first step is to find a coach that will help you improve your skills. There are tons of guides and coaching programs out there that will give you advice on how to be a better player, but it’s really good to have some actual examples of players who possess the natural skills you want to acquire. Learning how to play the right heroes, mastering the fundamentals of the game, identifying the weak points, and developing strategies based on your own natural skills are all key steps to success.

Invest in the equipment

You will also need to invest in some gear and take advantage of ad revenue, sponsorships, and mystery shopping as part of your competitive gaming career. Sponsorships come in many forms, but usually consist of high profile companies that would like to market their brand. These sponsorships can give you an immediate influx of cash depending on how popular you are at the time. Mystery shopping is another important service provided by professional gamers that is used to determine the profitability of your stream.

Prepare for championships

After learning and practicing your strategies and mastering the basics, it is time to rise to the challenge of competing at the highest levels of the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and other competitive gaming leagues. To get that top spot is not easy by any means. Most pro gamers are required to undergo years of training and practice. In order to get there, you need a lot of dedication, practice, patience, hard work, and a lot of luck.

The major events in gaming are referred to as “tournaments.” These tournaments pit one gamer against the others in a bracket-style format. Players play games from all over the world and the goal is to become the first player to bring home the title. Many gamers spend thousands of dollars in order to secure their spot in these tournaments.

In conclusion

Streamers and gamers are not only looking for notoriety and money, but also for recognition and a successful career within the gaming industry. This is why you should not take streaming and playing games for fun as a hobby. If you are serious about becoming a successful, knowledgeable gamer and marketer, then consider investing in a professional setup that will greatly benefit both you and your future streamers and gamers.